Welcome to my home page! This is where you can find links to my different social media accounts.

X (Twitter)

Check out my X account! I mostly retweet stuff from other people that you should follow, but I also have some tweets of my own.


I am testing Mastodon as a X alternative. Don't excpect to much activity from me here.


I have a YouTube channel where I upload a few videos from time to time. Mostly gaming-related videos.


Check out my Steam profile. You will find some Trackmania-tracks and Portal 2 test chambers designed by me there.


I do play some Roblox from time to time. I am also a member of Speed Studio, which is a Roblox game studio primarly developing games like Ninjas VS Agenst and The battle for glory.


Most of my projects are hosted on my internal on-prem GitLab-instance, but I also have a GitHub-profile for my public projects. This website is also hosted on GitHub! The entire source code for this web page is available there for you to check out.